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There are more than 5,000 volunteer Neighbourhood Watches in Essex, covering around 40 per cent of the properties in the county. Neighbourhood Watch is active and growing, and the EF Neighbourhood Watch Committee is now looking for additional volunteers to work with their neighbours to care for their own road, street, lane or block of flats.

What does this entail?

Maybe you have just been burgled and you want to help others avoid going through the same experience?  Maybe you are a good neighbour and want to develop a closer community in your part of Epping Forest?

The first step is to contact us to let us know you are thinking about setting up a new Neighbourhood Watch group. We will then supply you with some freebies, such as purse bells and door stickers, and we can help you put together a welcome pack for new members.

The next step is for you and a couple of your neighbours to go door to door and ask your neighbours if they want to join. If they do, they will need to give you their email addresses and possibly their mobile phone numbers.  If people are suspicious, and who can blame them in this day and age, you will probably find that once they hear from their immediate neighbours just how helpful a Neighbourhood Watch group can be, they will ask you to let them join.

That Is All There Is To It!

Some coordinators organise street parties or annual meetings, others never do. How you develop your Neighbourhood Watch is entirely up to you and your neighbours, and for members there are usually no subs or costs unless your Watch intends to hold an event or send out a printed newsletter; in reality, the job can be as big or as small as you would like it to be. However, to become a Registered Watch you must let the Epping Forest Neighbourhood Watch Committee know you are an active Watch, and once you do, you can ask for support and resources, NHW street signs and door stickers. You will be glad to know that some insurers also offer Neighbourhood Watch members reduced insurance premiums.

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Organising a Neighbourhood Watch group isn't just about putting up street signs. You will be helping your neighbours to stay safe and will be doing your best to protect everyone's property by forwarding on warnings and safety advice from Essex Police and others within the Neighbourhood Watch network who have information that relates to where you live.

You can find out more about Neighbourhood Watch by emailing:

To contact  Colin I. Freeman MITOL Community Cohesion Consultant, Trustee of Essex County NhW Association, NHW backup database controller / co-ordinator for Epping Forest, Brentwood and Harlow.   Advisor to London Community Watch.

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12 May 2.00pm - 4.00pm

Neighbourhood Watch and Essex Police Safety Session

This is a free session and will be a drop in event for anyone wishing to know more about avoiding being a victim of crime. 

You and your family members will learn how to avoid becoming a victim of crime. 

Topics covered will include street robbery, theft from and of vehicles, burglary, scams and any topic you wish to raise. There will also be lots of free booklets and safety items for you to take away with you.