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Maybe you have just been burgled and you want to help others avoid going through the same experience? Maybe you are a good neighbour and want to develop a closer community in your part of Epping Forest?
The next step is for you and a couple of your neighbours to go door to door and ask your neighbours if they want to join. If they do, they will need to give you their email addresses and possibly their mobile phone numbers.  If people a are suspicious, and who can blame them in this day and age, you will probably find that once they hear from their immediate neighbours just how helpful a Neighbourhood Watch group can be, they will ask you to let them join.
The first step is to contact us to let us know you are thinking about setting up a new Neighbourhood Watch group. We will then supply you with some freebies, such as purse bells and door stickers, and we can help you put together a welcome pack for new members
That Is All There Is To It! Some coordinators organise street parties or annual meetings, others never do. How you develop your Neighbourhood Watch is entirely up to you and your neighbours, and for members there are usually no subs or costs unless your Watch intends to hold an event or send out a printed newsletter; in reality, the job can be as big or as small as you would like it to be. However, to become a Registered Watch you must let the Epping Forest Neighbourhood Watch Committee know you are an active Watch, and once you do, you can ask for support and resources, NHW street signs and door stickers. You will be glad to know that some insurers also offer Neighbourhood Watch members reduced insurance premiums.
You can find out more about Neighbourhood Watch by emailing:
It is always better to call the Police if you hear or see something suspicious than to wish you had done so later on, when you discover your neighbours were burgled.
Do you know somebody who is carrying out criminal activity but fear the consequences of being identified as the person who reported them? Tell Crimestoppers WHAT you know about any crime or criminal - not WHO you are and you could be eligible for a reward (paid anonymously).
Crimestoppers never ask for your name or trace your call, and you won’t need to provide a statement or go to Court www.crimestoppers-uk.org
Contact Information Epping Forest NHW Phone 07778 296650 Office Hours Only Email: efdnwatch@hotmail.co.uk
Essex Police: http://www.essex.police.uk
If you do not have a NHW group where you live, why not start one? Get in touch with us today!
To view the latest Essex County Neighbourhood Watch Members Guide click here.
For more information call 07778 296650 Strictly Office Hours Only or Contact membershipefdnw@outlook.com if you would like to join our organisation
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