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Why us?

The main aim of Neighbourhood Watch is to reduce the level of crime and encourage a ‘neighbourly’ spirit.

Alan Johnson from Neighbourhood Watch in Essex said: “Neighbourhood Watch provides a great opportunity for people to get involved in their communities, create a strong local spirit and crucially help keep their community safe.”

A well functioning NHW group will allow you to:

Be a good neighbour and start up a Neighbourhood Watch group where you live today by getting in touch. Details are on the Contact page.  

You do not need to spend very much time on your Neighbourhood Watch group: most coordinators work during the day and we all lead busy lives, but if you have the time to forward an email or send out a warning about something happening in your road, then you have the time to set up a Watch group!

Help everyone feel a little bit safer, knowing there are neighbours out there who care enough to dial 999 or 101, when something is going on!

Useful numbers:

101: non emergency calls

999: emergency calls

It is always better to call the Police if you hear or see something suspicious than to wish you had done so later on, when you discover your neighbours were burgled.

The next time you see one of our stalls, please come over and find out more about Neighbourhood Watch, it really does help communities to help themselves.  If you are running an event in EF and would like our stall to attend, please contact us right away.

Crimestoppers: 0800 555 111

This is not an emergency number, but is there for the times when you wish to pass on information and stay anonymous!

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