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Epping Forest Took the Gold this year from ACC Mason in the presence of the PCC Roger Hirst.


A resident of Denny Avenue, Waltham Abbey Brenda has been a leading light in Neighbourhood Watch since it was launched locally in about 1987.

She first joined the movement as a coordinator for Denny Avenue during the period when the Metropolitan Police were in Waltham Abbey and the town had many well resourced and supported NW Groups that interacted with both the police and each other.

Even after Metropolitan Police resources were scaled back in the early 1990s Brenda continued to maintain her watch in Denny Avenue and keep local neighbour interest high when others flagged.

In 2000 Essex Police took over Waltham Abbey and many years passed before the existing Metropolitan NW areas were identified and approached to join the Essex group.

It was found that, unlike many of the Waltham Abbey watch areas, Brenda’s Neighbourhood Watch in Denny Avenue remained in existence despite being largely unsupported by the police for about ten years.  It was quickly and enthusiastically incorporated into the Essex Police replacement.

Now retired Brenda worked at the Tesco branch in Waltham Abbey for many years. She supports many community causes, often via an active Facebook account including Children in Need and the creation of the burgeoning U3A Group in Waltham Abbey.